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A Quick Thought...

Home Server project over and successful roughly 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Plus I have a new catch line just below the banner.

The Last Flight of Emily's Hate

14 - 08 - 06


Finally! The last installment in this series of the Eve story I've been working on! Just in time for a few months without Eve on my mind before I start playing again next holiday.

You can download the standalone story here.
Alternatively you can download the whole series here.

Grey's Notes on the story:

- Ask me before you come to any stupid conclusions about the story.
- DO NOT read it unless you've read the rest of the series. It won't mean shit.
- If you read the series, I'll love you long time.

That is all.

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What? me splode?

13 - 8 - 6


I invite anyone with more than marginal 'net skills to head on over to www.pinanyidai.com/WEP and check out the alpha of the site's next design. It's far from complete and barely meets my own grade for a web site.

Once I get the security up I'll bolt the back end onto it and start inviting some of you to help me with the code, Open Source style.

Geek flavoured list of things I want to do before I die

  • Record a series of Podcasts
  • Sing a bunch of songs with a bunch of you guys backing me up
  • Be on TV about my site
  • Be interviewed by a popular web design podcast
  • Co-author a book for Wrox publishing

Oh yeah, by the way, don't laugh at the first one, some of you are going to help me do it, soon.

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What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?

13 - 08 - 06


Telling people news has never been my strong point, even with the in-tar-webs at my disposal. So for those of you not yet to hear my glorious tale... I got the job I was after. Well done me, it required less effort than a berry with the squirts. I hadn't expected so few people to man up and apply for the job, so it wasn't hard.

It's again the season for the ekka, hooray. I pity any of you that are going without some rural lineage as an excuse. I swear the only reason one would go would be as a solemn admission to being a squirter of the teenie variety. Those socialite packs of spankingly dressed 16 year olds with their Nokia and Sports Girl arrays that never quite got the point of shutting up and listening.

If I see one more 13 year old bitching about their girl troubles or running around the city approaching midnight, I'm going to vomit all over their Cotton-On polo. James and I felt quite old the other night as we realised that the 'younger folk' on the train at 10pm were probably dwelling circa 13 years old. It annoys me because it can, and bitching is a great outlet for PST.

Don't ask if you don't know.

I've been annoying my fair share of people with my vague and somewhat lacking attempts at smack talking. It's an art, one that requires more practice than I usually get. That being said, it's not suprising that I've historically been strapped for options in the affection department, my mouth somewhat precedes my stench.

I sit here realising the failings of my site's design. On one hand I want to be entertaining you with sojourns into bad behaviour, whilst on the other I just want to get on with the web design talk and be productive. So, to avoid the risk of you fuckers that can't read more than a few paragraphs of text,

I'll post something productive later

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